Self-discovery and Expression Through Journaling
Journal Exercises
33 Creative Collages. Sometimes a picture is better than words. The "Creative Collage Personal Journal" contains 33 different collages with topics ranging from science fiction and fantasy to expressing the real you.  Use the provided prompts to start thinking about what to include in your collage.  After your collage is complete, use the "About the Artist" questions to learn more about yourself through your creation.  Finally, make action statements to use what you have learned to improve your life.
This book contains the instructions for 33 different collages. You will need a notebook, journal, or 3 ring binder. Larger notebooks or journals will provide more space for your collages. Aim for a journal that is 8 1/2 by 11 for sufficient space.
Kindle Version: $3.99
Print Version: $7.99

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